Goodnight and Thank You.

I started Smiths Presumably Forever Ill and Motor Cycle Au Pair Boy (grouped together under the banner 'The Arcane Old Wardrobe') back in 1996. The sites were intended as a labor of love to share with other fans the articles and images I had ravenously collected since I first became a Smiths Apostle in 1984. Over the years, I've heard from many fans who expressed their appreciation for my little contribution to Moz fandom, and I have always held those kind words close to my heart.

However, it's time for me to admit that I don't have the energy or dedication to carry the torch of fandom any longer, or to keep this site remotely updated, and to turn over the reigns to those who do. I will be combining the interviews, reviews, and quotations from the site into Passions Just Like Mine. A new consolidated image gallery is also in the works, so don't despair. There is nothing here that won't be found out there, somewhere, eventually. And if you're on Facebook, I will still be running the Morrissey In Quotes Facebook page indefinitely.

Thank you to everyone who supported the site, assisted me by contributing articles/scans and transcribing interviews, and provided kind words over the last 17 years.

Yours In Smithdom,
The Comtesse DeSpair